A pure love and curiosity of nature, has been the inspiration behind Popi Tyler’s colorful and imaginative watercolors. “It fascinates me the way nature goes about assembling all things that grow--then assigns the perfect color to each.”

     Popi grew up on a ranch in beautiful Sonoma County, surrounded by Gravenstein Apple orchards, and cattle ranches. She rode her horse through both, all the time learning to observe and be respectful of the landscape and the animals. “Nature provides every color and design for us all to see, you only need to slow down and take the time to look”, she says.

     Popi has painted in all media, and sculpted in clay, cement, metal, and papier maché. She still loves pottery and papier maché, and explains, “Twenty years ago when I first experienced the tactile qualities of watercolor papers, I became seriously hooked. Watercolors have a vibrancy and immediacy unmatched by any other medium, that perfectly suits my loose and risk-taking approach to painting.”

     When Popi moved to Hawai’i in 2002, she began painting full time. There she studied watercolor and pottery, at Linecona Academy of Art, on the island of Oahu. She worked in watercolor with George Wollard and Gay Jefferson, and in pottery with Sally Murchison. “I think of Hawai’i as my other home, and my friends there as my ohana, my family”, the artist says.

     Here in California and in Baja, Popi studies with her friend and mentor, Judith Greenleaf, of Mendocino County, and with Dale Laitinen, in the high country of Nevada.

     Popi goes on to say, “Some of my heroes are also local kids, such as Millard Sheets, Milford Zornes, Wayne Thiebaud, and Maynard Dixon, many from the California School of Painters--and don’t forget to include Georgia O’Keeffe. To me, their art represents a certain freedom and has the energy and freshness that comes from studying the local landscape en plein air.”

     “I love traveling, painting, and being outdoors. I paint with warm, deep, earth colors, a combination of line and color, and a large, up-close focus. My favorite tools are my watercolor pencils and crayons, which I use equally as much as my paints. I always make onsite studies in graphite, ink, or paint—or a combination of all. Works I cannot finish outside, I complete in the studio.”

     “I paint for the pure joy it brings me. I believe it is important to remain true to oneself. If I can entertain you along the way--well, that’s just a total bonus!”

     Popi is a member of the Arts Council of Sonoma County, which hosts the annual open studios event, ARTrails, for two weekends in October. You can visit Popi at her Studio 950 by appointment during the year.

Please contact Popi Tyler at:

Popi Tyler
P.O. Box 6885
Santa Rosa, CA 95406
Telephone: 808.220.7452
Email: popi@popityler.com
Web: http://www.popityler.com